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LOOK: Tom Brady is throwing passes on the Great Wall of China for Father’s Day

After winning arguably the most exciting Super Bowl in NFL history, it looks like Tom Brady has decided to follow things up by having the most exciting offseason in NFL history, and that offseason now officially includes a visit to China. 

The Patriots quarterback flew to Beijing on Saturday for the first part of a six-day tour that will have him visiting a total of three cities in Asia. 

Brady arrived in China on Father’s Day, and although you might feel sorry for him because he’s spending the day away from his family, you don’t have to feel sorry for him because he actually brought one of his son’s with him on the trip. 

Since playing catch is a time-honored Father’s Day tradition — along with golfing and grilling and drinking beer — Brady decided to bust out a football on the Great Wall of China and play some catch with the locals. 

Hopefully there’s no law against playing catch on the Great Wall because the last thing we need is for Brady to start an international incident. 

Anyway, if you look closely at the football in Brady’s hand, you’ll probably notice the perfect placed logo for Under Armour. Well, that’s not by accident. 

Brady’s trip to Asia was put together by Under Armour, and he even flew on the company’s private jet to get there. 

After spending two days in Beijing (June 18-19), Brady will head to Shanghai (June 20), followed by a trip to Tokyo (June 21-22). Before heading off on his tour of Asia, Brady sounded pretty pumped up about a chance to see the rest of the world. 

“I am excited about the opportunity to be able to connect with the people in China and Japan, experience the incredible culture, and share my love for the game with my fans,” Brady said when the trip was announced. “The tour will be rewarding for me as I experience Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo; I hope to learn more about the next generation of athletes in Asia and to inspire them to always push boundaries through hard work, dedication, humility, and perseverance both on and off the field.”

If everyone in Asia is eating on the Tom Brady diet and wearing Tom Brady pajamas by this time next month, now you’ll know why. On a somewhat related note, it seems that the Patriots have picked this week to attempt what I’m pretty sure is their plan at total world domination. Besides Brady’s visit to China, Julian Edelman is also on a foreign trip. 

The Patriots receiver has been spending the past few days in Mexico City. 

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