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2017 Tokyo Auto Show’s Crazy Cute Concept Cars, From Japan’s Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mazda, and Daihatsu

Honda Sports EV Concept: Honda has managed to combine sporty and cure with this concept. The round headlights and coupe profile look like a roundabout from the 60s, but the hood scoop and Ferrari-like flares over the front wheels suggest performance.

Toyota GR HV Sports Concept: Toyota went with a more conventional, rakish, angular vision of the future for its sports car that more excitingly, has a targa top to let the sunshine in.

Nissan Nismo Leaf: Nissan only took the wraps off the new and improved electric Leaf in September, but this concept is a very strong hint that a performance version is on the way. This hot-hatch has more aggressive styling, and promises faster acceleration, all the better to compete with the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Mazda Kai Concept: One of two concepts that Mazda showed, which show what the automaker is thinking, design-wise, for its next generation of compact cars.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept: This concept is more in the “designers’ dreams” category, than a preview of anything upcoming, but the beautiful scooped lines manage that difficult balance of looking retro and futuristic at the same time.

Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept: If you still associate Subaru more with rallying hotrods, than wagons for Portlandians, this new concept is for you. This four door sedan has a huge air scoop on the hood, and chunky angular wheelarches. Breaking the trend, this one isn’t electric, with four huge exhausts, but that does mean it’s probably closer to being a production car.

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept: This is an all-electric SUV, which are all the rage right now. If Mitsubishi builds this bold beast, it’ll have three electric motors, and an AI system to help explain all its cutting edge features to new drivers.

Suzuki e-Survivor Concept: Yes, another electric SUV, but one with plenty of personality. If the planet is engulfed in a nuclear winter, then this car and the cockroaches should make it through just fine, and help any survivors in a Mad Max style future.

Toyota TJ Cruiser: A cross between a van and an SUV, the TJ looks cooler than both. Toyota says it’s ultra-rugged, for ultra-active buyers. The chunky design, with wheels pushed to the corners, looks fully “concept” but Toyota is already musing about gas and hybrid drivetrains, implying this vehicle, or one very like it, could make it to production.

Yamaha Cross Hub Concept: If you prefer two-wheels, but need the practicality of four, Yamaha has you covered. This concept is a pickup/ SUV with a rear loading area big enough to carry to motorbikes.

Daihatsu DN Pro Cargo: This is the vehicle that the future needs. This electric van can be configured to be anything you want it to be, from easy access transport for wheelchair users, to a mobile nail salon. The interior has a mobile shelving unit for supplies, and fold out tables.

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